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EximoTek are the pioneers of dry ice blasting in India. The company was started in 2005 and are the exclusive and certified distributors of ColdJet equipment, the world wide leaders in dry ice blasting, in India.

About us

Our Services

EximoTek possesses the expertise to assess the exact cleaning requirement and provide a customized solution to suit clients best interest. EximoTek is committed to provide the best turn key solutions in dry ice cleaning. Headquarted in Bengaluru and have offices spread across India with company trained skilled technicians. EximoTek is your one-stop shop for all your
Dry ice blasting needs: Dry ice + Dry ice blasting machines on one phone call.

Our Solutions

EximoTek offers only innovative, top-of-the-line dry ice blasting equipment manufactured by Cold Jet, the industry leader in cryogenic cleaning and Dry ice manufacturing equipment. Cold Jet's dry ice blasting systems works faster than any other dry ice blasting equipment, with lesser consuambles resulting in a lower cost of ownership. EximoTek offers solutions for various of applications in wide range of industries not limited to foundry, die casting, power generator, rubber and plastics, automobile, pharma, food processing, printing, aerospace, chemicals, welding, fire restoration and lots more.

Eximotek Provides:

  • Demo for Technical Evaluations of Process
  • Cost Economics
  • Process Implementation
  • Global Best Practices
  • Manual & Automated Systems
  • Technical and Safety Training
  • High density Dry ice -Pellets and Blocks