EximoTek India, headquartered in Bangalore is one of the most respected companies, delivering exceptional customer experience through innovative cutting-edge dry ice cleaning technology from COLD JET USA the global leaders in dry ice blasting & dry ice production technology in India and Middle East.

Currently over 100 strong professionally managed workforce with a customer focused approach and a continuous quest for world-class quality, EximoTek India excels and maintains leadership in dry ice cleaning.

The demands of evolving newer cleaning technology and requirements are never taken as a challenge but as an inspiration to go beyond traditional methods of cleaning by infusing the right world class designed equipment from cold Jet USA. This is one such big leap forward to meet the productivity demand while being environmentally friendly. EximoTek India recognizes the importance and the impact that the dry ice technology has on the industry and its customers. It strives to play a role that extends being a simple equipment or service seller to become a committed service provider working together for a better future.

EximoTek has always put customer first enabling them to respond effectively to the needs in terms of quality and service. This approach has enabled to create the best value not only for customers but also for the entire system. EximoTek India has constantly and consistently exhibited its relentless commitment to add value in implementing the process and systems in a most structured manner.

EximoTek India is spearheading a revolution of change with 17 strategically located operation centres in India and has presence in Middle east countries including Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Bahrain

EximoTek has facilities to manufacture and distribute high density dry ice at Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Bhiwadi (NCR Delhi). It owns a strong fleet of vehicles fitted with insulated containers to move across the nation and deliver dry ice.

Today EximoTek India has an impressive list of clients spread across India and middle east.


  • To bring newer cost effective application driven Technologies to our customers with a dedicated team of professionals.
  • To be known and be retained by our customers as the best sales and service provider