Go Green!

Dry ice cleaning is a "green" process using small pellets of recycled carbon dioxide to clean a surface. The pellets sublimate (turning from solid directly to gas) during the cleaning process. The carbon dioxide gas is absorbed by trees and plants and converted into carbon (plant growth) and oxygen (for us to breathe), thus recycling the CO2. So dry ice blasting is really "green" recycling at its best.

Dry ice blasting does not contribute to greenhouse gasses. No hazardous wastes are produced. The work process is safe and non-toxic, with basic safety precautions. No ozone-depleting chemicals are used. The factory work environment is safer, because no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) exposure occurs. Dry ice blasting is truly "green".

Dry ice cleaning is so "green" that it is approved by government agencies such as the FDA, EPA, and USDA. Your plant operations can "go green" with dry ice cleaning.

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