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EximoTek offers only top-of-the-line dry ice blasting equipment manufactured by Cold Jet, the industry leader in cryogenic cleaning and blasting equipment. Cold Jet's dry ice blasting systems use half the air, half the dry ice and half the manpower, resulting in a lower cost of ownership than other dry ice blasting equipment.

  • See how affordable dry ice blast cleaning is for your business with a dry ice blaster.
  • EximoTek is your one-stop shop for all your dry ice blasting needs: dry ice + dry ice blasting machines in one phone call.
  • EximoTek represents the broadest line of dry ice blasting equipment on the market.
  • EximoTek can provide training and set-up for your dry ice blasting equipment.


EximoTek possesses the expertise to assess the exact cleaning requirement and give a solution customized to suit the client's interests best. EximoTek is committed to providing the best turn key solutions in dry ice cleaning and selling of dry ice products. And EximoTek is truly professional, please feel free to get in touch with us and we would be glad to give any relevant information.

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