Skip Cleanup Problems

Eliminate the high costs of multiple cleaning systems

One EximoTek machine can replace grit blasting rigs and hoods, solvent sprayers, dunk tanks, pressure washers, steam cleaners, and drying rooms. Take the EximoTek machine to the equipment to be cleaned, clean it in place, and save the cost of moving everything from one cleaning station to another.

How much floor space are you wasting for dunk tanks and grit-blasting workstations, complete with hoods, fume or dust catchers, and media storage?

How much Hazmat storage are you using for cleaning solvents? How much maintenance is there on all this, plus the expensive special clothing workers must have for grit blasting and solvent exposure? How much do you spend on maintaining pressure washers, steam cleaners, and solvent pumps?

EximoTek lets you replace multiple pieces of equipment with one dry ice blaster that can be taken right to where you want to clean. The floor space you are now using only for cleaning can be used otherwise for better productivity.

Eliminate the drying time on electrical equipment

Dry ice blast cleaning a rotor windingPressure washing, steam cleaning, or solvent cleaning of electrical equipment can cause days of downtime --even weeks for large equipment -- because of the drying time. Soaps or solvent residue can damage insulation. Dry Ice Blasting leaves no residue and requires no drying time. Your motors, wiring, control cabinets, electrical sensors and controls can return to service immediately after being cleaned in place.

Dirt is the great enemy of electrical equipment. Motor windings get packed full of dust. Electrical sensors and controls become intermittent. Ensure reliability and uptime with EximoTek. No disconnections and re-connections, no moving electrical apparatus to special cleaning areas, and no risk of consequential damage from the cleaning operation. Portable EximoTek equipment can be taken right to the equipment to be cleaned. Immediately after cleaning, the equipment can be placed back into service. You get more hours of productivity by eliminating the drying-time wait, and more reliability with clean electrical equipment.

Eliminate the teardown and rebuild

How much damage have you had to repair from just disassembling and re-assembling equipment that needed cleaning? Let's see… this solvent on this part, that solvent on that part, grit blast here, water there…with Diamond Dry Ice blasting, you can clean in place. No dry-out time, no personnel injuries or equipment wear-and-tear from assembly and disassembly operations, and LESS DOWN TIME. Less downtime means less cleaning labor expense and more productive uptime for people and equipment. Old-fashioned cleaning methods are not fun, they're a chore. Dry Ice blast cleaning is a lot easier and quicker for both your people and your equipment.

Let EximoTek give you examples of increased uptime and increases in productivity.

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Eliminate the cleanup after the cleanup

If you are using grit blasting or solvents or soap and water for surface cleaning, how much does it cost you to clean up grit, solvents or soap AFTER you did the cleaning you really wanted? It costs you cleanup labor, shop space to store the waste until it's picked up for disposal, and the cost of disposal, which can be very costly for some solvents. When the cleaning medium is Diamond Dry Ice, it's gone the instant it has done the cleaning you needed.

Dry Ice is actually frozen carbon dioxide gas. An air blast hurls the rice-sized pellets against the surface to be cleaned. The contaminants fall away from the surface to be cleaned, while the dry ice evaporates into the air. You can clean right on the assembly line, right at the workbench, or right where the machinery is installed. You save the labor expense of moving things to be cleaned to and from the special cleanup space, which can then be used for more productive purposes.

The portable EximoTek equipment can be taken right to the place where cleaning is needed -- no need for special rooms for sand-blasting or solvent dips, and no sand/grit or solvent cleanup afterward. Finally, you save the expense of Hazmat disposal of the used cleaning solvent.

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