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EximoTek are the pioneers of dry ice blasting in India. The company was started in 2006 and are the exclusive and certified distributors of ColdJet equipment, the world wide leaders in dry ice blasting, in India.

The EximoTek boasts of having people with lots of experience in application driven technologies in large multinational companies, who not only understand the dry ice blasting techniques but also what works best for you in your individual setting and scenario.

Although EximoTek is the pioneer of dry ice blasting, it is not limited to just that. EximoTek is committed to changing the mindset of the Indian industries by bringing in the latest in engineering practices and technology from around the world.

EximoTek India, head quartered in Bangalore is the pioneer and leader in Dry Ice Blasting business in india. With four regional offices EximoTek offers sales & services support to its customers to bring productivity improvement in an environmentally friendly atomosphere for various industries like Tyre, Foundry, Rubber, Die casting, Printing, Electronics, Pharma, Food processing, Welding, Power, Aerospace, Chemicals and Others.

Call us at +918026790745 to hear how we can help you or contact us and we will be glad to get in touch with you at the earliest!

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